Application Requirements and Rental Criteria



  1. All adults (18+ y/o) intending to live in the property must submit an individual application.

  2. Complete the application in full. Include current and past residences with complete landlord information and contact numbers.

  3. Must provide the following documents to your application when applying.

    • Valid government issued photo ID

    • 2 most recent Pay Stubs/ Proof of Income and Employment.



  • Applicants should have a combined gross income of at least three times the monthly rent.  Income will be verified with the two most recent pay stubs.  Self-employed applicants may provide 2 years of tax returns or 1099s.

  • Criminal records should contain no convictions for crimes involving violence, drugs, firearms, assault or battery, or sexual offenses.

  • Previous rental history from landlord should indicate that you complied with all terms of your lease. 

P.O. Box 452

Vernon, CT 06066