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We are experienced in helping people put their money to work in real estate and create passive, high rates of return through real estate investing 

Do you have a self directed IRA?  

A self-directed IRA is a type of traditional or Roth IRA that is used to save for retirement and is structured to facilitate withdrawals at a specified age. Self-directed IRAs differ from traditional and Roth IRAs only by the assets they hold. Designed for do it yourself investors they allow the owner to invest in a much broader array of securities than with a traditional or Roth IRA.

A self-directed IRA allows the investor to be in charge of making all the investment decisions. The self-directed IRA provides the investor with greater opportunity for asset diversification outside of the traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Self-directed IRAs can be invested in real estate.


Do you have a bank savings account?

Did you know that banks use the money in your savings account and leverage it to make loans to other people at a higher percentage rate, while they only pay you less than 1% interest?

What we offer

12% interest on your capital investment.  In terms of places you can invest your money, this is a much higher return over traditional, more widely used investment and savings vehicles such as traditional and Roth IRAs, 401ks, CDs, or bank saving instruments.

What we do with your money

Your money will be invested into the acquisition and renovation of distressed multifamily real estate that is identified and vetted by a highly experienced real estate investor.  The property is evaluated for its investment potential, renovation costs are estimated, and after repair value is determined. 


How we partner with you

We do all of the work in actively identifying potential real estate investments, renovations, as well as management.  We want to build a personal, transparent relationship with you and be a trusted partner with each investment.  We will document and demonstrate updates to the rehab project through regular communication and picture updates.  As a full time real estate investment company, we are always available to answer questions and even walk the property you've invested in with you to assess progress.  Transparency and communication is key. 


Is your investment safe?

Though there are risks in any investment, including real estate, your investment will be secured by a first position "priority" lien on the property in question making it a collateralized, asset back investment.  You will also be the primary loss payee on the property's insurance policy.  The property is purchased, acquisition plus renovation, at a price point that is substantially below the after-repair value creating a clear exit strategy through re finance. Additionally, each investment will be secured with the use of our trusted attorney, or an attorney of your choice, to draw up a promissory note and 1st mortgage documenting the loan terms, principal, interest rate, amortization, etc. The appropriate documents will be properly recorded in public records. 


How and when you will get your principal investment back

Once the project is completed, and the property value is substantially increased, the property will be refinanced through one of our trusted alternative lenders at which time the full balance on your principal investment  will be paid at the closing of the re finance.  

We'd love to personally meet and further explore the possibility of working with you

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